Hey, I'm Paul.

I'm a Brand Design Specialist, passionately motivated to help my clients rise to top of their field using good design. ​

I’ve been helping brands by designing identities, websites, and other brand reflections for 10+ years. I’m passionate about my work, and wholeheartedly believe that what I do to help my clients brings immense value.

In truth, it’s a bit painful for me to see good people, who have a great service/product or message, be misrepresented and mistrusted due to a poor design representation. I believe good design has the power to elevate your company into “industry-leader status”. I know the challenges we all face when running a business (i’m right there with you)! I’m motivated to help people like you build a brand that engages your audience and kills all the guesswork as to whether you are a market leader.

Let’s connect get to know each other!

More about me..

I’m a family man, and in truth, my family is my #1 motivator in my career. I believe family comes first and business second, and I’ve built my business to accommodate that.

My beautiful wife, Amy, and I got married young and have never looked back. I feel like I’m living in a dream. She’s my person!

We have 3 amazing kids, Gibson, Cannon, & Willow, who teach me, humble me, and motivate me everyday to be a better person. These 3 make me rich beyond money & gold.

I’m also a musician. I love music. I love travel. I’m a big football fan (not American…Liverpool to be specific). I consider myself a foodie. I love good coffee…to name a few of my favorite things. 

We live in Northern California.

Client Reviews

I'm grateful to work with amazing clients!

I've blanket endorsed him...

“I've used Paul Stern for branding, personal branding sites, funnels, company sites, stationary, and more. He has always delivered quality results… so much so that I've blanket endorsed him to all of my clients.“

Working with him pushed me to truly think about the deeper aspects...

“Paul was absolutely fantastic to work with! He took my fledgling ideas and truly matured them into something beautiful and functional. Beyond that, working with him pushed me to truly think about the deeper aspects of how the graphical representation of my project ties to the deeper purpose and vision behind it-that process in and of itself was worth it. Thank you Paul, I'm looking forward to working together in the future.”
Neil Lorenzini
Investor, Lantern's Light Properties

A tier above most designers...

“Paul was great to work with, his ideas blew the competition out of the water. Everyone I showed to get opinions from were very impressed. Professional and a tier above most designers. I am very happy with the finished product!”
Adam Carr
Investor / Old Harbor Properties

He gets you to think what you want out of your brand...

“Paul did a great job working with us to come up with a brand design for our company. He has a great process where he gets you to think what you want out of your brand. He was very professional and we were really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend working with him on any future projects.”
Kyle Johnson
Investor / New Phase Properties

Absolutely awesome...

“Paul was absolutely awesome to work with. I literally had no idea what I wanted and his creativity was second to none. He doesn't just create a logo he creates a brand and I am super proud to have him represent our business.”
Scott MacDonald
Investor / Copper Dog Properties

Amazing job putting our vision together...

"Paul did an amazing job putting our vision together! This is our second business and first time using Paul for brand design. He went above and beyond! We definitely recommend Paul for any graphic design, branding or logos.. Thank you!!"
Sean Flanagan
Investor / Little Paws Properties