Encouragers Unlimited

A full redesign. Branding. Email Marketing. Online Donations

A non-profit organization with 3 branches

Encouragers Unlimited Ministries is a non-profit organization that has 3 branches of engagement. From running a family-style home for orphans in Kenya to promoting education in South Sudan, Encouragers have their hands in a lot of different things.

The ministry needed a better way of connecting to the modern world, a way to make it easier for people to stay connected to ongoing endeavors. They also expressed the need to have an easier way for people to donate online. Lastly, they were looking for a way to merge their 3 branches under one umbrella in a more cohesive way. They had 2 different websites, which meant 2 different audiences that they needed to manage, and one branch completely unaccounted for.

So, using some branding updates, I took all 3 branches of the ministry and tied their respective logos together with the pre-existing "squiggly" line in the encouragers logo. Then we arranged the content of all 3 ministries into a single 3-tier website. This brought all of the information into one location, funneling their different audiences into one web space. We integrated the site with DonorBox, a powerful online donation tool, and we got them going with email marketing, sending all of their followers their current updates as they are added to the blog.

I really enjoyed building this website. It's one of my favorites so far.

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