How it Works.

If you are a true entrepreneur, you are at full-capacity running, growing, and problem-solving for your business(es). You don’t have time to work on your brand or website, but you know that you need it! You don’t have time to manage freelancers who don’t get you. You don’t have time to fumble around with a “build-it-yourself” website builder that isn’t as easy to use as it claims, and once finished still feels unprofessional and hard to manage.

I work in a 3-step process that will kill the guesswork, save you weeks or months of headaches and wasted time, and consistently delivers that WOW that your brand deserves.

#1: The Fit Call

Maybe you think you need help with design/marketing but aren’t sure. Or maybe you know you need help but aren’t sure that I’m the person who can help you. Both are great reasons to book this 15-min Fit Call. 

I can help you get clear on what you may or may not want to do in the near future to help grow your business, and we can figure it out together.

Click below and grab a slot on my calendar.  

#2: The Brand Magnifier

Once we’ve had a fit call and we’ve determined we are a good fit, the next step is The Brand Magnifier: a deep-dive interview where I get to know everything about your business  (where you are, where you’ve been, where you want to go). We’ll cover a lot of ground, discussing key areas within your business that relate to your brand’s success and how to become a leader in your market.

After our time together, you’ll receive a detailed Action Brief, where I’ll tell you where your opportunities are to supercharge your brand, how to really stand out, and conquer your market! 

Then you can implement on your own, or hire me to take care of it for you with a tailored brand package. 


*Applied to a packge if you move forward.

#3: Your Tailored Brand Package

Based on our findings from your Action Brief, I’ll put together a tailored brand package that will execute and address the opportunities that we have found together. 

Brand packages are not all the same as far as deliverables go, which is why it’s important for us to determine where your business is already and how we can supercharge your brand from your unique position. 

Click below to see typical packages and what they include.

3500 +

* Packages start at $3.5k and go up from there depending on included scope of services.
** Brand Magnifier cost will be subtracted from total.

The Brand Magnifier

What is the purpose and is it right for you?

The point of the Brand Mag is to get clarity. Without a crystal clear picture of where your brand is (what you’ve tried, what has worked, and what your opportunities are), it’s almost a shot in the dark to try to course correct, even if there are glaringly obvious holes in your strategy, identity, and activation. You wouldn’t try to build a house without a blueprint, would you? 

Your anwers and the overall interview process allow me to fully understand what your growth opportunities are. This then allows me to develop your Action Plan.

The Action Plan (the delivered document at the end of the Brand Mag) is your blueprint to building a supercharged brand that will attract the positive attention you need to grow.

The Brand Magnifier is a great fit for you if…

My Typical Packages

Most packages will be one of the 3 below…but if your needs are a bit more tailored, we’ll come with a plan just right for you.

The Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is perfect for Investors and Influencers who are just getting started and don’t have much in motion yet. This package is intended to get your brand “started” with key elements needed to start your growth.

This may include:

  • New Logo Design,
  • Messaging and Voicing Strategy
  • Foundational brand materials such as business cards, letterhead, and social media branded elements,
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Other custom solutions based on the Action Plan that we come up with.


*Cost of the Brand Mag is applied
** Project Delivery 5 Days

The Energizer

The Energizer is for Investors and Influencers who have been in motion for a while and want to clearly stand out in their markets. Whether rebranding an existing entity or starting a new one, this package will help your company stand out big-time. This may include:
  • New Logo Design
  • Messaging and Voicing Strategy
  • A Fully Custom and highly branded website
  • Landing pages (funnel page) that is geared for conversion,
  • Brand materials such as business cards, letterhead, and social media branded elements, Social Ad Templates,
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Other custom solutions based on the Action Plan that we come up with.


*Cost of the Brand Mag is applied
** Project Delivery 4 weeks

The Supercharger

The Supercharger is for those that don’t mess around and need every inch of their brand & marketing to shine bright and make a statement in their market.

This may include everything in the Energizer, PLUS some of the items below:

  • E-book design & Lead Capture Strategy
  • More complex website with custom integrations or E-commerce setup. 
  •  Email marketing setup with branded Email templates
  • Merchandise Designs
  • Digital or Traditional Advertising Campaign Design
  • Other custom solutions based on the Action Plan that we come up with. 


*Cost of the Brand Mag is applied
** Project Delivery 6 weeks

Your brand needs a partner.

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