My Design Process

How I use design to supercharge your brand's potential.

I’m passionate about ensuring that the process of working together has clearly defined guidelines and parameters and that we kill the guesswork. This not only establishes clear expectations within a working relationship, but also creates a better environment for creative work to flourish.

#1: Strategy

The first step is to learn about you. We’ll meet and talk about every corner of your business. The Brand Magnifier is a perfect tool for this, allowing me to learn about your vision, culture, goals, and personality so we can formulate a roadmap (The Action Brief).

This process will bring clarity, strategy, and many other necessities to light, so much so that I won’t proceed with most projects without the Brand Magnifier first. 

#2: Identity

After we are armed with what we need to do (using the Action Plan), we’ll design and develop a comprehensive visual identity to reflect your brand’s strategic objectives, distinguish it from the crowd, and bring your brand to life.

This will include visual elements like your logo, fonts, colors, etc…but will also include messaging, tone, and brand guidelines to ensure all future projects with your brand remain consistent. 

#3: Activation

Armed with (1) strategy and loaded with (2) identity, we will then be able to activate your brand by designing elements that reinforce your message, voice, and value to your audience. 

This may include landing pages, websites, social media elements, e-books, advertising, or other marketing designs. These are all “Arms” of your brand that will build your brand’s authority and grow your audience. 

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